Understanding Construction Delays
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Understanding Construction Delays

About a year ago, I could tell that our home project was a little delayed. Our team of contractors had been struggling to work with some of their providers, so I decided to work with another team altogether. It was really frustrating, but I could tell that it was the right call to make. After we made the transition, the new staff got right to work addressing some of the most serious concerns. I wanted to create a blog all about understanding construction delays so that other people could see how difficult it can be to resolve them on your own. Check it out!


Understanding Construction Delays

Why Hire A Full-Service Construction Company?

Gina Hawkins

If you have a major construction project in mind, then you'll need to find a range of suitably experienced consultants and contractors to get the job done. Or, you can use a full-service construction company instead.

Here, you hire one company that does everything for you. What are the advantages of taking a full-service approach?

Get a One-Stop Solution

It can be difficult to put together a team of people to take on different parts of your project. You'll be looking for a range of different skills at specific points during the work.

For example, you might need to hire an architect, an engineer, a general construction company, and a range of specialist contractors. This can be a time-consuming process. You have to find the right contacts and scope them out to make sure they can produce the quality of work you need. You then have to make sure that they deliver.

It's a lot easier to use a full-service construction company. These kinds of companies take care of everything, from start to finish. If they do need to bring in specialist skills that they don't have in-house, they'll have industry contacts and will manage anyone they hire for the job.

Plus, you bundle up all your costs here. You don't have to worry about dealing with lots of different consultants and contractors. All you have to do is pay the full-service provider.

Get Streamlined Scheduling

Good contractors have plenty of work; it can be hard to get them on a site at the right time if they are really busy. While you may be happy to wait for the right crew, you may not have time to do this multiple times over the course of the project.

If you want to keep things moving, you need to line up contractors to come on to the job at specific times. One delay can have an impact down the line. Contractors who are scheduled to do work after that will have to start at a later date; some might drop out of the project.

If you use a full-service construction company, then they sort out scheduling for you. They have their own employees who will turn up on-site at the right times even if the project runs ahead of time or is delayed.

To find out more, contact a local full-service construction company. They can explain how the process works and tell you more about its benefits.