Understanding Construction Delays
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Understanding Construction Delays

About a year ago, I could tell that our home project was a little delayed. Our team of contractors had been struggling to work with some of their providers, so I decided to work with another team altogether. It was really frustrating, but I could tell that it was the right call to make. After we made the transition, the new staff got right to work addressing some of the most serious concerns. I wanted to create a blog all about understanding construction delays so that other people could see how difficult it can be to resolve them on your own. Check it out!


Understanding Construction Delays

Include These Ideas When You Hire A Contractor To Build A Basement Wine Cellar

Gina Hawkins

Many wine aficionados also enjoy collecting wine, which means that a wine cellar can be a goal to which you may aspire. Instead of just buying some racks to hold the bottles of wine in your collection, it can be fun to hire a contractor who is experienced in creating wine cellars, and then discuss some plans on transforming a room in your basement. Even if you're not planning to list your home for sale right away, the presence of a wine cellar can be a useful feature to highlight, given its attractiveness to many prospective buyers. Here are some ideas that your contractor can implement for your wine cellar:

Proper Storage

Casual wine lovers will often buy wire racks to hold their bottles. To show that you're serious about this hobby, have your contractor give your collection proper storage in the form of built-in wooden shelving and racks. There's an endless list of designs that you can consider for the storage of your wine, but dark wood with a series of square openings to hold individual bottles on their sides is a popular approach.

A Counter

Many people enjoy inviting guests down to their wine cellar to test out a few bottles, which means that you'll want a counter on which to set the bottles you're considering and stand anything that you open. People will also appreciate being able to set their glasses down on the counter, so making it at the appropriate height — somewhere between the height of your kitchen counter and an elevated bar-style counter — is important. If your contractor builds the counter so that it has a slight overhang, you can include some stools for comfort.

Unique Access

There are a couple ways to think about accessing your wine cellar. If you're choosing a large room in your basement with the plan to entertain guests in the space, you may favor a regal entrance. In this case, having your contractor add double doors, likely with glass panels and in wood that matches the wine storage, can be appealing. You'll enjoy being able to open the doors and have the guests step into the wine cellar. Some other wine aficionados like to keep their wine cellar secret; this can especially be the case if you have a high-value collection and you're concerned about a burglary. In this case, a sliding wall panel that is disguised with art or a drapery can provide access to the wine cellar without being overt.

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