Understanding Construction Delays
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Understanding Construction Delays

About a year ago, I could tell that our home project was a little delayed. Our team of contractors had been struggling to work with some of their providers, so I decided to work with another team altogether. It was really frustrating, but I could tell that it was the right call to make. After we made the transition, the new staff got right to work addressing some of the most serious concerns. I wanted to create a blog all about understanding construction delays so that other people could see how difficult it can be to resolve them on your own. Check it out!


Understanding Construction Delays

5 Things That Can Go Wrong Due To Dirty Rain Gutters

Gina Hawkins

If you are a homeowner then the chances are extremely good that you know you are supposed to keep your rain gutters cleaned out. However, this can be one of those tasks that you can put on the back burner and forget about. If you keep putting the rain gutter cleaning off until a good rain storm comes through then you can find that it can cause you quite a bit of grief. Here are just 5 of the things that can happen when you don't keep the gutters cleaned out properly:

1: The rain gutters can suffer damage

The rain gutters can take on an excessive amount of weight when a lot of rain water weighs down leaves that are caught in them. This extra weight can cause them to undergo undue stress and end up breaking and needing to be fixed.

2: The rain water can stain your house

The gutters are in place to capture the water that falls from the roof and direct it away from the house where it will be deposited into the downspouts that empty where the water will be released into an area where it won't damage the house. When the gutters are clogged up with debris, the water will pour out over the gutters after being dirtied from that debris and the water will run down the house's exterior, causing the paint to become stained.

3: Mildew and mold can develop

Leaving the rain gutters full of debris and then having rain water gather will cause the leaves and other debris to stay moist and mildew and mold will develop. This is bad for a variety of reasons, one of them being that mold is not good for your health. So, if you are outside trying to enjoy the fresh air and you are standing under that portion of the rain gutter then you may breathe in those dangerous mold spores.

4: A full and dry rain gutter can turn into a fire hazard

Once the weather starts to heat up again and you continue to leave those leaves in the rain gutters they will become a fire hazard if you live in an area where it stays dry for good lengths of time during the warmer months.

5: You can get infested with mosquitoes

An unkempt rain gutter allows rain water to become stagnant and this can create the perfect home for mosquitoes where they will feel more than comfortable to reproduce.

Talk to a company like Patriot Gutters for more information about maintaining your gutters properly.